Thursday, 5 October 2017

"Purpose reveals potential"

The purpose is the original intent for the creation of a person or thing; the specific function of somebody or a thing. Purpose is the answer to the question, what am I here for? Everybody, like all inanimate beings, was created for a purpose. There is a specific function or set of functions that you were placed on this earth to perform. It may as well be noted that life is a complementary system where every creature with its purpose is very important. 

Once your purpose has been determined (self-realization), you're now like an electronic gadget. Just as the manufacturer installs within the product the ability to fulfill that purpose or to function according to his/her specifications. One needs to appreciate the necessity of self-realization in their journey. It is an integral part in digging out your passion from the rest of what you like and envy. Firstly, identify who you are and follow yourself into reality. Everybody has something that will enable him to be a success or realize their dream. Without that ability, performance is zero; it is the ability that makes the fulfillment of purpose possible. So once you discover what your purpose is, it becomes a revelation of what you can do as well.
When the Almighty gives you a purpose to accomplish, he supplies the potential to achieve it.  Everyone has something or an ability to enable them to achieve their dreams. The major factor lies within you, which is in form of ideas, skills, gifts, and knowledge. 
Do you want to identify your purpose? Check on these questions: 
•What do you do without struggle?
•what are you able to do that you never learned formally? 
•what do people say you are good at? 
•what do you have the flair for? 
Also, check on different forms of intelligence according to Howard Garner at Harvard University
•What do you have a passion for or love to do?
Passion is love for something or a strong enthusiasm for something that is uncontrollable when the cat decides to break out the sack! It comes with great intensity such that if it gets you off guard you stand to suffer much.
If you want to be a success or if you want to realize your dream you must be crazily in love with what you are doing; nothing more, nothing less. Unlike certain individuals who are living other people's dreams, following your passion makes this process of enjoying what you do easier.
Also, ask yourself these questions;
•What am I passionate about?
•What is the particular activity or things that excite me? 
•what would I do even if I was not being paid for it? 
•What do I get immersed in and cannot even see that time is flying away?

•what type of books and associations do I love to be part of? 
Don’t try to be like anybody yet strive to be you. Remember that what separates you from the next person is what makes you unique.
Excerpt from The Art Of Realising Your Dream
By Abel Mavura

Friday, 29 September 2017

"The Art Of Realising Your Dream BOOK introduction"

let me bring your focus to something of interest in this book coming your way soon.  The illustration on the cover is the Japanese Bonsai plant or Penzai as it is called in the Chinese community. Here’s a brief history on how these plants are grown:  Bonsai is actually an art of growing trees in pots or trays. The plants grow over a relatively long period of time.   Now looking at the size and shape of the one on the cover, one can tell how extremely old the tree has grown with regards to its size. The size coupled with the twists all over its trunk make the imagery a much audible message.  Note: the size is a presentation of growth over an extended time and the twists represent situations faced over time. Conclusively the tree is a symbol of a life filled with struggles but persistence resulted in success at the end of the day. Success is represented by the lively green leaves, which is obvious that green vegetation resembles life.

This illustration coupled with my life story make up the content within “The Art of Realising Your Dream.” The book is a testimonial of how I survived through some tragic circumstances, which might be faced by other people today. These challenges are the same that fine-tuned me into who I am today.

If you feel you really need to be motivated that whether Big or small dreams can come true, then this is a book you should read. Unlike other motivational issues which are researched, this one is a first-hand testimony from the person with some experiences. 

One common belief is one that gives you a book has given you wisdom. Therefore, with that in mind, I remembered to put all that I have learned from the struggles into the book and help dreamers be dreamers with results. Dreaming is not enough but action completes it although a number of challenges may try to draw you back. I believe that out there in the world, there are even greater dreamers than myself. But they just need some starting point which is motivation. I won't be able to meet all dreamers in person and motivate them but written words will reflect forever.

Abel Mavura

"Ellen Chiwenga the Unstoppable game changer"

Well-known for her popular chant on Facebook *Sahwira,* Ellen is one good example of what women are capable of. After I had a phone conversation with her I realised that the woman is not only focused but she is rich with business ideas and advice about life. 

One popular saying opines that impossible is just an illusion for I'm possible. All it takes is courage, confidence and obviously a broad dreaming capacity. But it doesn't mean you should dream forever, more time should be invested towards achieving goals.

Men being above the world over the centuries has never been a deterrent to Ellen Chiwenga's vision to soar high like an eagle. It has been within her abilities to defy the old social makeup where greater/certain fields are reserved for the man. Her emphasis is not on challenges but on "what can I do."

Today we find her striding the Queen's land with great confidence and still penetrating the male-dominated fields. Presently, she is a full-time football agent holding a FIFA and FA license for a number of years. She is regulated by the FA as a registered intermediary and member of the Association of Football Agents(AFA), WY scout and SOFIA CLIENT. As time stands today, she offers vast experience and pedigree to international and professional footballers and is focused on identifying and nurturing raw talent in youths. Her goal is to work with players over a long-term, thus assisting them in developing their careers.

I asked her, so when you scout talent and link these young players with big teams what do you do to grow them since football is only for a certain period of about 5 years after that it will be history? 
Her response was like "Sahwi! These young people they have a background, they know where they will be coming from. We tell them the truth about life and football career, that if you fail to utilize this opportunity you won't get it again and you have to take care of your parents and invest into real assets like buying properties even just a stand for a start. Because you don't know when your career will end.
"She also highlighted the importance of staying away from arrogant women because most of them are there to destroy their careers. They hold a great love for money and players have to be very careful because most talented people have shown that women are their worst weakness and it paralyzes their careers. They tend to forget and spend money on useless things forgetting that there is life after football. 
"We sit down and talk to these kids make them understand life and their career path", she said.
One would agree that this is a reflection of what Former US President Barack Obama would always say; "Yes we can!" It's crystal clear that women can do it also, regardless of what position society denigrates them. If Ellen can mix and mingle with English Premier League and LA-LIGA coached (all male) in her field of passion, then the rest can also do it.

Just to make a statement she went on to give an example of Lionel Messi and Ronaldo on how they portray themselves and how they also value their relationships and their careers.

Most will say she achieved but after understanding her I will opine otherwise. I would rather say she got what she deserved after taking home the Female Personality of the Year 2017 Awards in the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. Not only will she come this far and take a chill, she's soundly promising greater steps forward in the near future. All are advised to keep watching the space and expect more bombshell honoraria walking towards her direction. Within and around her football career, she is still unlocking more doors without delay.

By Abel Mavura.

"linia Wutete a vessel emerging from the brand"

Born Linia Wutete, the majestic woman of faith has walked an applaudable journey up the mountain. Although she may seem halfway through, greater things have come out of the noble lady healing the world with her vocals.
The good part about life is its simplicity when one knows their purpose and that has been the case with Linia after she identified her calling. She came to an agreement with her inner being, motivated by the Holy Spirit to take up music as a career to change people's lives.

Greatness is not hereditary or linked to kinship but sometimes where you're coming from has an influence on who you become in life. Linia seems to be a replica and a continuation of her parents, who never got to record any tracks but were ear and heart catching vocalists. Her mother who was a lead singer in the Catholic church is sister to the well-known Sekuru Bhosvo of ZCC Mbungo Stars. Linia has now grown up to be a well spoken of Gospel Music Minister, spreading the good news of heaven as far as she can.

"I am a vessel emerging from the brand, *Family Music.* A brand launched by the Ufic choir where I am a member," says Liana. She highly acknowledges all Ufic music ministry pastors in the nurturing of her heavenly calling, with the likes of Minister M Mahendere, Hubert Chigumira, Worshipper Larry Gunda and Pastor Alex Gunda only to mention just a few.
Linia goes on to express her appreciation towards the motivational intervention by the Ufic founder and leader who spoke encouraging words of wisdom to her when she felt grounded and purposeless.
"Everything around me seemed impossible at that time. That's when Prophet Makandiwa spoke into my life and told me that I had so much potential and have been underestimated.
"He told me it was a choice that I can make to pursue my career or not. That gave me the boldness to pursue my purpose and calling," she narrates. According to her, one's success also depends on guidance from those people around you. People will either break you or mold you but it still remains your responsibility to choose the right ones to surround yourself with; her words seem to echo this meaning.

Not only does she regard her choir members and church leader, she also acknowledges her mentor in the industry. She identifies artist Prudence Mbofana Katomene as her mentor who has been with her through thick and thin. One interesting thing about their relationship is their collaboration on the song "Mamonya naJesu" (Giants with Jesus) and she testifies how every ear that it has touched has been left not the same down to the heart. Part of the song says;

Tambirai masoja, ahwina kuhondo. Hondo dzedu takunda, naJesu pacalvary. Idelayed match, its a delayed match takakunda pacalvary (welcome the soldiers, who conquered the battles, right at Calvary Jesus conquered for us there for its a delayed match whatever battles you are going through don't accept defeat).

Currently, she has four solid albums namely:

            1. Unstoppable preacher vol 1
            2. Unstoppable preacher vol 2
            3. Result praises and worship
            4. Handidi nhamo Unstp vol 3.
And currently, is set to release her fifth album in which the single "Mamonya naJesu" is also a part of.

In the year 2016, Linia shared a stage with prominent South African Gospel artist Rebecca Malope at the
Gospel Divas Concert 2016 and with Hlengiwe Mhlaba at some Ufic family functions.

Besides singing gospel music Linia also teaches music, trains choirs, the theory of music and musical instruments, entertains through music. She is currently studying music. She believes she is made up of music cells because everything about her revolves around music.

Like all artists, she also cries foul to challenges like piracy and the difficulties that come with commercializing Gospel music but she believes God is not a God of mediocrity, so she can't settle for less.

Currently, she is working on a video which is set for release end of October. Linia also has a word upcoming artists, she says; "to upcoming artists, don't let anyone discourage you. If God called you to minister to him and to his people, he will see you through. Gather confidence on his word about you, believe in yourself and in God. People around were not there when God called you. So they may try everything to disqualify you. Stand your ground and remain focused.

By Abel Mavura

"Take me Back to my Childhood"

Take me back to my childhood,where I couldn't distinguish the two;                  fantasy and reality...Despised those giving me right to choose;When I wasn't sensitive to my neighbor's feelings.Take me back to my childhood days,when my vocabulary lacked future tense.Back to my childhood,When the sense of timekeeping wasn't an issue.Take me back to my childhood, where the concepts of same and different were the same.Take me back to my childhood,where I couldn't even imitate other people's behavior.My long gone childhood,When I didn't get the idea behind pretense...Take me back there,where I smiled at the reflection in the mirror,   Unlike today, I look and see a strangerTake me back to my childhood,when I couldn't recognize even my family members 

By Abel Mavura 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Dear Son,


Dear Son; that moment is around the corner and there isn't any question to it. It is coming again like it has always come.

Keep watch of those enemies;
Slyly drawing close to you,
they sharpen their tongues as a serpent,
with reserved poison of a viper
Jealousy stored beyond their juicy lips.
My son beware they are full of deadly poison to finish you.

these people you see;
They brew trouble and network iniquity .
Their thoughts are on what they can gain from you.
 You're either their handyman to perpetrate violence
or as the bait to fool your buddies
And they revoke their future
Thus invalidating what is right,
beware my son!

Beware of those who have waited long enough;
Longing to revenge,
It's just a personal fight my son
And this might be their best time to take action.
Caution is key,
That moment when yo give them an ear.

Beware of those hypocrites as they approach, they will appear to be men of the cloth;
yet beyond the rob is a mission scroll,
Scribbled plans to fulfill their personal needs, their bellies are their cause of interest . Beware they might blind you .

As we approach that time;
remember it's not every smile that approves your deeds,
It's good,
My son remember you're not Jesus,
You can't motivate their smiles as a whole
And neither are you pizza.

My son, account your self worth
and consider the value of life.
yes it is that time again
Like always, it shall pass anyway.
My son...
don't find yourself on the wrong side of the road,
Study your path and retain your vision.
My son, let them call you a betrayer or whatever names but you remain yourself,
this time should not change your personality, be yourself be who you are,
after all you don't lose anything.

Make it a goal to put a smile on someone's face
but beware of whom you dine with,
enemies are scattered everywhere like...
Give them no room to triumph over you.

My son!
There is a difference between democracy
And a republic lie
as we approach that time
beware you shall be victim to such.
Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go but always know your enemies are not happy.
As we approach that time discipline your tongue not to spit Vernon causing divisions.

My Son, we all have rights
but remember there is always that enemy hoping to infringe them .
Set an eye on them before they inflict harm.
Yes, you're smart
But don't only limit it to solving algebra and geometry,
calculate and solve your mathematics properly before it's too late .
We have counted 5 years more than 5 times , we have been there before.
Whatever step you take you're preparing your future.
Know your worthy and mind your actions as we approach the election time.

By Abel Mavura & Jurgen Troy Namupira

Sunday, 14 May 2017

"Dislocation LEADS to Dysfunction"

According to the bible, Jesus parents attended a festival in Jerusalem every Year known as the feast of Passover at the age of 12, his parents attended this festival with
him in Jerusalem. When they were returning from the festival, he stayed in Jerusalem without his parents' knowledge. After traveling for A DAY, the parents noticed that he was not with them so they decided to go back to search him in Jerusalem.They found him after three days search. 
Just imagine at this time technology wasn’t yet available no any form of the announcement could be made on television, radio or mobile phone message. They, later on, found him, and it is said that he was in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding with his answers.’’ (Luke 2:46, NIV)
His parents both angry and amazed asked him:  Son why have you treated us like thisYour FATHER and I have been anxiously searching for you.’’
Luke 2:48 NIV
As young as he was he gave an answer that shocked everyone who was around: he said,“Why were you searching for me?’’ He asked. Didn’t you know I had to be in my father’s house?” (Luke 2:49, NIV)  
Talking of spending time pursuing his vision in life, which he called his father’s business at the age of 12.  Jesus was not found playing soccer or (tsoro) at the playgrounds. He was with religious leaders not playing silly games or kids games but as a moderator in a discussion for three days and looked very comfortable.   

Every living thing has its kind of environment or place that will enable it to perform its specific function, I will give an example of a crocodile if you put a crocodile outside water it will not be able to attack the same way it attacks when it’s in water, same applies to fish, when you take fish out of water you have weakened it and it won’t be able to survive, it wiggles on the ground and dies.
What happens if you put a rabbit in the same water it will just drown to death what causes one to die it's what causes one to survive, water can cause a rabbit to die but it can cause a fish to survive. What am I trying to say here? We function best when we locate ourselves where we are best suited

Let your aspirations influence the places you go. Are you dreaming of becoming a great soccer star? The simple art to realize this is you need to find yourself loving the football pitch, also following great footballers history , spend time reading magazines with their profiles, how they spend their time even with their families, this doesn’t necessary mean you are going to copy their style of living NO, but you need inspiration for you to create your style and unique way in the journey of pursuing your dream. Everyone has their place of vision fulfillment some belong to the football pitch to become great footballers, some to farming fields for them to become great farmers and so on. Find yourself at the right place that will activate your energy and enable you to realize your dream. TBC...

From the upcoming Book "The Art Of Realising Your Dream" Abel Mavura.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Domestic Violence Act (Zimbabwe)

 The Domestic Violence Act (Zimbabwe)was promulgated in 2006 and gazetted in 2007. The Act was put in place to “make provision for the protection and relief of victims of domestic violence and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing” (Zimbabwe 2006). Section 3 of the Act (Zimbabwe 2006, subsection 1) defines domestic violence as any unlawful act, omission or behavior which results in death or the direct infliction of physical, sexual, or mental injury to any complainant by a respondent and includes the following: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, economic abuse, intimidation, harassment, stalking, forcible entry into the complainant’s residence where the parties do not share the same residence, depriving the complainant or hindering the complainant from access to or a reasonable share of the use of the facilities associated with the complainant’s place of residence.

A victim of domestic violence may report the violence to a police officer, who, according to Section 5 of the Act (Zimbabwe 2006) advises the complainant of the right to apply for relief under the Act and the right to lodge a criminal complaint against the perpetrator. Where the police officer suspects that a crime has been committed, is being committed or is threatened, he or she may arrest the respondent without warrant. The victim or his or her representative may apply for an interim protection order or a protection order for relief from abuse. A protection order is a document that a magistrate signs and is aimed at protecting the complainant from serious or substantial harm or discomfort or inconvenience, whether physical, emotional or economic.

The Act was a major accomplishment that acknowledged the seriousness of violence against women in Zimbabwe. Prior to the establishment of the Act, there had not been any law in Zimbabwe that specifically addressed domestic violence (Osirim [2003] in Makahamadze, Isacco&Chireshe 2011:3; Tichagwa 1998:66). The enactment of the Domestic Violence Act implies that domestic violence is being taken as a public affair that requires public prosecution.