Thursday, 5 October 2017

"Purpose reveals potential"

The purpose is the original intent for the creation of a person or thing; the specific function of somebody or a thing. Purpose is the answer to the question, what am I here for? Everybody, like all inanimate beings, was created for a purpose. There is a specific function or set of functions that you were placed on this earth to perform. It may as well be noted that life is a complementary system where every creature with its purpose is very important. 

Once your purpose has been determined (self-realization), you're now like an electronic gadget. Just as the manufacturer installs within the product the ability to fulfill that purpose or to function according to his/her specifications. One needs to appreciate the necessity of self-realization in their journey. It is an integral part in digging out your passion from the rest of what you like and envy. Firstly, identify who you are and follow yourself into reality. Everybody has something that will enable him to be a success or realize their dream. Without that ability, performance is zero; it is the ability that makes the fulfillment of purpose possible. So once you discover what your purpose is, it becomes a revelation of what you can do as well.
When the Almighty gives you a purpose to accomplish, he supplies the potential to achieve it.  Everyone has something or an ability to enable them to achieve their dreams. The major factor lies within you, which is in form of ideas, skills, gifts, and knowledge. 
Do you want to identify your purpose? Check on these questions: 
•What do you do without struggle?
•what are you able to do that you never learned formally? 
•what do people say you are good at? 
•what do you have the flair for? 
Also, check on different forms of intelligence according to Howard Garner at Harvard University
•What do you have a passion for or love to do?
Passion is love for something or a strong enthusiasm for something that is uncontrollable when the cat decides to break out the sack! It comes with great intensity such that if it gets you off guard you stand to suffer much.
If you want to be a success or if you want to realize your dream you must be crazily in love with what you are doing; nothing more, nothing less. Unlike certain individuals who are living other people's dreams, following your passion makes this process of enjoying what you do easier.
Also, ask yourself these questions;
•What am I passionate about?
•What is the particular activity or things that excite me? 
•what would I do even if I was not being paid for it? 
•What do I get immersed in and cannot even see that time is flying away?

•what type of books and associations do I love to be part of? 
Don’t try to be like anybody yet strive to be you. Remember that what separates you from the next person is what makes you unique.
Excerpt from The Art Of Realising Your Dream
By Abel Mavura

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