Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Fishing is not only a hobby, but it has some great lessons beyond the scope of the eye. 


Fishing teaches us to be patient, how to solve problems and being present in the moment. Patience is really an important we ought skill to learn. You have to keep on trying and put some extra efforts in order to achieve any desired goals. 
It is a learnt skill you can work to improve. Imagine spending a day by the Lake with your fishing rode in hand. This gives you an opportunity to know that patience is an important skill. 
Sometimes, all that waiting couldn't help but teach you the virtue of patience. Most of the time things turn out unexpectedly but through faith you become patient to what that matters; how the situation looks like, there is a possibility that I will have a catch. 
Maybe it won't happen during your first time by the waters, but with patience you will succeed down the line, isn't it a life lesson? 

*Problem Solving Skill*

If you want to achieve greatness in life, you need to have problem solving skills. No matter how big a problem might be, it's always there to give you a challenge to work harder. One day with patience you might have a big catch or not, but each and every catch counts and is a step to success. Keep your head up always and believe everything happens for a reason and for the better of your future. Pray for wisdom enough to select the correct path, but with patience and faith in what you do, every step leads to success.

-~Abel Mavura~