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#Excerpt from the New Book 
#Taku's Awakening
Blessed is the woman whose womb is set apart to carry a world’s blessing for nine whole months. Through her persistence, we have a handful of wise and commendable characters roaming under the sun. The same is for the woman who bore a boy and named him Taku. Taku is the short form of Takudzwa which is a Shona name which means we have been enlarged.
After a long season of tears and seemingly relentless prayers came a renewed phase of joy for Mr. And Mrs. Andrews. They had gone for years after their marriage without conceiving, which broke their hearts and killed them slowly. Multiple doctor visits yielded no definite results; all they could say was to wait for the right time. Nothing was wrong with them, just that nature was taking its time. Maybe God’s time was not yet. Family members even started doubting their possibilities of ever bearing a child and likened them to the father Abraham and Sarah. What else could they do except hope in God for a miracle?
Eight years down the line then congratulations were in order. Mrs. Adams gave birth to Taku who was the cover to their shame. He was an answer to prayers on the mountains and in the wilderness. A family had been enlarged and completed.
Like every parent, they had dreams for their child as he grew up. But there is a question as to how do parents dream on behalf of their kids? Is it good or bad to dream and impose your dreams on your child?
Well, it is not bad to dream on behalf of your child. Whilst at the same time is absolutely contagious to ignore that there is something called passion in every living being. As such was the story of Taku growing up into a man under the impression that he was working hard to make his parents happy. In his days it was super cool to be in a certain academic class and the rest were despised. Taku fought through thick and thin to be in this certain class although he was not competent enough to keep up with the orders of the day. Alas, all he wanted was to prove that he is an excellent child.
He went through his primary school and all went well. Then he progressed to high school where all the drama began and he lost his actual plot. In primary school, all classes were all the same and everything was equally distributed. However, the high school setup was completely different. People were graded according to the perceived so-called level of excellence.

~Abel Mavura~


Yesterday I decided to take a short break from my current research pressure. So I got a random notification from a group and I got anxious to check on what it was all about. I was dumbfounded by what I noticed thereafter. 
It was a post which had attracted many likes and comments, all coming from women and girls. I realized that the post was advising men on what women need in order to maintain their relationships which I agreed with. However, I found the post unbalanced and misleading. Why? The post acknowledges that women sometimes get easily tempted or lured (kuvarairwa) in Shona. It acknowledges and kind of supports the cheating of girls and women whether married or not. My opinion towards this damaging and misinformed post was; Yes women need attention and so do men. They all have feelings and desires at the end of the day. 
When you choose to cheat to resolve cheating you never deserved a faithful partner. Love is a two-way street where love comes and goes at the same time. If it were electricity it would be alternating current.

However, never will that give justice to infidelity. That's why communication is important.

Retaliation and carrying around a pair of loose thighs doesn't solve any problem, it actually petrol to the fire. Opting for this is a pure reflection of myopia and a sign that you are incompatible. The naked truth is that you are satisfied with being a mediocre and second class citizen.

Lead by example, be faithful If your man is not giving you attention communicate. If he doesn't comply and mend his filth then be honest with him and yourself. Rather just move on. If she steals your husband, let her keep your residues and start a new chapter for yourself. Yet, I can bet my last Kobo that no real man will ever be stolen. Maybe your initial choice was also biased. Food for thought!!!

There is no justification for cheating, wrong is wrong right is right...two negatives only make a positive in academics, not relationships 
                                                            ~Abel Mavura~

Friday, 10 May 2019

"Kure", was it a foresight for the rising star Ti Gonzi?

"Kure", was it a foresight for the rising star Ti Gonzi?

Modern society has undergone deep evolution and we are left with the various forms of art to remind us of where we are coming from. Lyricists have on one hand trying their best to paint a picture of these transitions through song. 

In an effort to celebrate and preserve culture Artist T Gonzi has sent shocking waves with his newly released eye-catching video titled 'Kure' in which he features Ishan.

Lyrically the song is a pure reflection of the realities of life. It borrows the ideas of wise Shona proverbs which say; "Natsa kwaunobva kwaunoenda irima" and "kure kwegava ndokusina mutsvubvu."

The video itself is something irresistible for a lover of culture. The outfit worn by ..... resembles the cultural outfits worn back in the days. In that regard, the artist serves to promote the appreciation of our rich culture.

Ti Gonzi has been rising slowly, but surely over the past years. Popularly known for his Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto, he has been awarded for his excellence at various levels of artistry which has constantly maintained. Thus, today it has led to this collaboration of 'Kure' with the Afro Pop singer Ishan.

One may say the video is a necessary coincidence following the devastating tragedy that befell Ti Gonzi one night on his way from the studio. Ti Gonzi was ambushed by robbers who harassed him and left him with a severe injury that sent him into hibernation for some time. However, Gonzi has kept his faith and positive energy. To top it all, he has promised the release of Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto volume 2 sometime this year.

Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto is the juxtaposition of Hip hop a genre that is generally considered to have been pioneered in America. Surprisingly, it has brought some social significance among the Youths particularly in Africa. It has been used as a medium to communicate various social, economic and political pressing issues.

All being said, Ti Gonzi is one of the guys around the corner one is likely to fall in love with when he opens his mouth. Not because of the arrangement of his teeth, but vocal cords decoded out of his larynx are just hilarious. The artist has found his personal modus operandi to seduce your thirst for good music and is ready to charm his next audience. In his own words, "the future is the best place to be for those who believe they have a soft spot for music in particular."

By Abel Mavura 

Monday, 1 April 2019



Born Donovan Makuzo, the young gifted charismatic Marondera gospel artist,  has dropped another euphonious track titled NDOMUTENDA NEI? , a soulful follow up to his successful single, "I WILL RISE" which was dropped a couple of months ago and is currently sitting comfortably at number 12 on the new PowerFM Gospel Legacy only two weeks into the chart show. I WILL RISE was also a follow up to the revered song NDAKATERERA , regarded as the spark which started this spiritual conflagration which is now giving the devil a serious migraine headache. NDAKATERERA was a hit that rose up like lightning from position 17 to position 2 within a space of four weeks, in the older version of the Power FM Gospel Chart show, only a few votes behind Janet Manyowa's ZADZISA, which was position 1 for a couple of weeks. It was quite a feat for an unknown artist to reach such dizzy heights with a first attempt. The artist, beyond any doubt, has proven to be an incredibly solid songwriter

 NDOMUTENDA NEI? is an impressively beautiful medley of very rich  Afro-flavoured sounds fused skilfully with powerful, yet mellow vocals ( which characterizes all of Donovan and the MAGNIFICENT WORSHIP'S songs) The song is filled with inspiring, rejuvenating as well as uplifting lyrics.  NDOMUTENDA NEI is a promising track that is expected to break new ground for the charismatic artist. Narrating his journey as a gospel artist Makuzo expressed gratitude to those who have been helping him to achieve his dreams. ''Music is never an easy journey it takes commitment, determination, and desire for one to remain on the path excuses are useless but results are priceless," said Makuzo.  

By Abel Mavura

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