Friday, 10 May 2019

"Kure", was it a foresight for the rising star Ti Gonzi?

"Kure", was it a foresight for the rising star Ti Gonzi?

Modern society has undergone deep evolution and we are left with the various forms of art to remind us of where we are coming from. Lyricists have on one hand trying their best to paint a picture of these transitions through song. 

In an effort to celebrate and preserve culture Artist T Gonzi has sent shocking waves with his newly released eye-catching video titled 'Kure' in which he features Ishan.

Lyrically the song is a pure reflection of the realities of life. It borrows the ideas of wise Shona proverbs which say; "Natsa kwaunobva kwaunoenda irima" and "kure kwegava ndokusina mutsvubvu."

The video itself is something irresistible for a lover of culture. The outfit worn by ..... resembles the cultural outfits worn back in the days. In that regard, the artist serves to promote the appreciation of our rich culture.

Ti Gonzi has been rising slowly, but surely over the past years. Popularly known for his Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto, he has been awarded for his excellence at various levels of artistry which has constantly maintained. Thus, today it has led to this collaboration of 'Kure' with the Afro Pop singer Ishan.

One may say the video is a necessary coincidence following the devastating tragedy that befell Ti Gonzi one night on his way from the studio. Ti Gonzi was ambushed by robbers who harassed him and left him with a severe injury that sent him into hibernation for some time. However, Gonzi has kept his faith and positive energy. To top it all, he has promised the release of Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto volume 2 sometime this year.

Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto is the juxtaposition of Hip hop a genre that is generally considered to have been pioneered in America. Surprisingly, it has brought some social significance among the Youths particularly in Africa. It has been used as a medium to communicate various social, economic and political pressing issues.

All being said, Ti Gonzi is one of the guys around the corner one is likely to fall in love with when he opens his mouth. Not because of the arrangement of his teeth, but vocal cords decoded out of his larynx are just hilarious. The artist has found his personal modus operandi to seduce your thirst for good music and is ready to charm his next audience. In his own words, "the future is the best place to be for those who believe they have a soft spot for music in particular."

By Abel Mavura