Monday, 1 June 2015

Corruption has alarmingly increased in the region endangering the lives of its youthful population. Not only has it affected social service delivery but has contributed to the manifestation of related social ills. The recent attacks of foreigners by South African nationals is a regrettable indication of a society struggling to adjust to social demands of not only its citizenry but migrants who are fleeing unfavorable conditions in their own countries. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings are equal in rights and equal in dignity. As a movement of young people we note with grave concern the manner in which persons of African origin have been brutalized, burned, killed, harassed and persecuted in various places within South Africa. We call upon the South African authorities to not only deal with this matter as an emergency but also to address the socio-economic freedoms accorded to all persons in various Human Rights Treaties of which South Africa is a signatory to. These attacks of an Afrophobic nature are a major drawback towards regional efforts on regional integration and we urge SADC and the AU to act swiftly to protect the rights of both legal and illegal immigrants living in South Africa. We note the technical challenges that may be presented in this scenario however we urge that there be a swift response to the mayhem. As the Southern Africa Youth Movement in Zimbabwe we continue to call for a violence free society where all human beings are treated with dignity regardless of ethnic background, nationality, race, sex, religion and political affiliation . Let’s all unite for a civilized ,corrupt free, violence free and tolerant democracies in the region! Abasha Afrophobia Abasha!!! - South Africa Youth Movement-