Friday, 29 September 2017

"Take me Back to my Childhood"

Take me back to my childhood,where I couldn't distinguish the two;                  fantasy and reality...Despised those giving me right to choose;When I wasn't sensitive to my neighbor's feelings.Take me back to my childhood days,when my vocabulary lacked future tense.Back to my childhood,When the sense of timekeeping wasn't an issue.Take me back to my childhood, where the concepts of same and different were the same.Take me back to my childhood,where I couldn't even imitate other people's behavior.My long gone childhood,When I didn't get the idea behind pretense...Take me back there,where I smiled at the reflection in the mirror,   Unlike today, I look and see a strangerTake me back to my childhood,when I couldn't recognize even my family members 

By Abel Mavura 

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