Sunday, 23 August 2015

When we talk about trade between African nations or our communities, you may have an image of men in smart suits selling manufactured goods and services. This is not really the case. In fact, regional integration on the continent and at the national level is being led by resourceful African women crossing the borders in droves to open up trade routes and spaces for their products.

It is high time we need to start to respect Women because they are the powerful drivers of the economy and development. Matilda Amoah is one of the Young Urban Women's Project member a project by Action Aid Ghana in partnership with The Ark Foundation in Greater Accra Region and NORSAAC in the northern region, Matilda has acquired skills through YUWProject she is now able to make a lot of beautiful and quality products through the YUW Livelihoods support project.

In a recent interview with Matilda she couldn't hide her joy, she says she was very excited to be part of this life-changing project which has made her realize some of the skills which are now enabling her to earn a living and continue to support her family and siblings. she also highlighted some of the challenges that they face as Petty Traders which ranges from space, market to licensing of their small businesses. Despite all these challenges she strongly believes that women have the potential to sustain the economy and development from the community up to national level.

 It is number one Young Urban Women's Project outcome to have at least 2000 young women with safe and decent work and livelihoods, also exercising greater control over their income These are some of the samples of the products that Matilda Amoah makes .. you can support her business by buying or marketing- through her business call number +233 24 567 7703 ‪#

By Abel Mavura for YUWP

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