Monday, 10 August 2015

According to the UN food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome , women are responsible for at least 50 percent of all food production. they struggle to meet the most basic needs of the their families for food, water, firewood,clothes, health care n a home. In theory this should mean that women are becoming better off , liberated, equal. but in practice it is a different story. These two women were recently captured in Mutoko District Mashonaland East Province, struggling to meet the needs of the family by doing hard work all the day receiving small amount of money to but soap and pay school fees for the kids. this is the kind of work that they are doing, striving to meet the family demands and usually they receive small amount of money which doesn't tally with the labor they provide . After this hard work they go back home to do the house chores which includes; cleaning, washing, fetching water, fetching firewood, as well as child care, elderly care and care of persons with disabilities without male support. Its high time we recognise unpaid care work as a major human rights issue, Policies must recognize the role of women and girls in the provision of unpaid care work , reduce the drudgery of unpaid care by redistributing from women to men and from family to communities and the government . That is Equality ‪#‎letsempowerwomen‬

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