Thursday, 5 November 2015

"Vision Commitment and Action for Young Women Empowerment"

||James Suriwiecki (2004) argued that it is often the case that the many are smarter than the few.||

 I had an interactive planning process to enable diverse of views from selected potential leaders of the Young Urban Women Project (Movement) Ghana a project by Action Aid Ghana, NORSAAC and The Ark Foundation which has 2000 young women selected from Greater Accra and Tamale the Northen Region. The Project is also being implemented in India and South Africa under the theme of "Young Women's Life choices and livelihoods in Poor Urban Areas"
Action Aid is currently implementing this project with a focus on young women's economic rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights in these cities. The research and experience gained through a baseline study that was conducted reaffirm the need for an integrated approach to working with young women.

The objectives of the meeting were to get the whole system in the room for vision, commitment, and Action, coming up with a strategic plan, identify opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats of the movement.
I also managed to apply the Future Search Model to review the past experiences of the project since 2013 from different perspectives, we mapped the present and identified common ground and developed action plans for the Movement, the model helped us to identify the KEEPS, DROPS, PROUD and SORRIES of the project which will guide the movement on its work.

The young women contributed on the objectives of the movement, Aim, vision, areas of focus/ issues to be considered by the movement, Leadership and membership structures that they want for their movement, key thematic areas to be campaigned and advocated for with much emphasis on mainstreaming of HRBA since it encourages strategies that are empowering, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and using in synergy of both top-down and bottom approaches .
Their effective participation made the process easy to undertake, besides inspiring them I am also inspired.
It is important to note that forums for building capacities of young women to take leadership at the individual and collective level for economic and social empowerment are crucial to have a committed number of women to lead the way to change attitudes, behaviors, and policies around gender, violence against women, reproductive health and rights and leadership. BY ABEL MAVURA
A presentation on Group's purpose "Bashari"

Young Urban Women during group discussion on the Movement

Young women capturing views and contributions in groups for presentation

Abel Mavura and Young Urban Women Movement Leaders

Future search Model presentation by Abel Mavura

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