Monday, 3 August 2020

"You shall rise Again Zimbabwe"

Your future is not in shambles,
You will rise again.
You are a beautiful nation -
Strong inside-out.
You definitely will conquer tomorrow
     or maybe the day after.
Out of you shall grow sweet fruits.
Prepare yourself now,
For the generations to come
In fact!
Be prompt before tomorrow comes,
Nations shall respect you again.
You pride will be restored
As you once stood out among the greats,
You shall rise again.
Only if, WE
Your people are willing,
Until the fateful day we will ignore our differences,
Unless we accept our mistakes,
And we vow to repent and rectify.
Only if we embrace UNITY,
Then our smile will revivify,
We are yours Zimbabwe.
-Abel Mavura-

Pic Credit: Barry Lungu

Monday, 20 July 2020

Canadian Award Winning Recording Artist HUMBLE Drops his Anticipated New EP "NEVER THE SAME"

Toronto, ON – Fresh off his latest singles “Fools Run” and “This Is Life”Juno Award winning Reggae Artist Humble drops his anticipated 3rd EP “Never The Same.”

The Seven track EP  is Humble's follow up project to his Juno Award winning sophomore album entitled 'Everything'.

The award winning artist is a well respected artist who has mastered the style of the much followed genre, his style is a unique blend of reggae, acoustic soul and urban adult contemporary. He plays guitar on every track and the production is groovy and full of bass. Humble is Spiritually connected to his music and brings lyrics that are positive and uplifting to his fans.  He is eager to share the project with fans and looks forward to going on tour again to perform with his fully intact band.

The Canadian artist is well known for delivering positive and uplifting projects which have won him fans who have a deeper connection to his body of work and his progressive style of music.

Humble is the winner of Best Artist and Songwriter of The Year awards at the Reggae Music Achievement Awards is a testament to the talented artist.

The singer has wowed many with his studio projects and performed at various major music festivals across including in his own country: Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and internationally in New York and Japan.

Commenting on the album and his music career, Humble expressed gratitude for the support that he has been receiving and he could not hide the joy on his remarkable achievement on his music journey, he promised to work hard and deliver more music.

“This album is my first fully self produced project so I have a closer connection to this body of work. It is my sound, and definitely an evolution in the type of Artist I have become," he said.

Get “Never The Same”now!

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Monday, 13 July 2020

Zimbabwean, Stephanie Travers, first black woman to rock F1 podium.

Zimbabwean woman engineer, Stephanie Travers, takes the lead in challenging perceptions and setting a new status quo for a sport dominated by men. Her success has sent a whole wave of joy across the continent.

The 25 year is the first black woman that has ever stood on the F1 podium at the Styrian Grand Prix in Austria alongside the five-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton who won the race.

Stephanie, Personas Trackside Engineer for Mercedes was representing her winning team where she stood on the podium to receive constructors (team) trophy. It was a delightful moment for the young Petronas Trackside female Engineer.

In March 2019 Stephanie made headlines when she was selected from 7 000 entrants globally to be the Petronas Trackside Fluid Engineer (PFET) in the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team for the 2019 season (and onwards). The most interesting part was the news that Stephanie hails from Zimbabwe, down in Africa.

Stephanie Travers was born in 1994 (Harare, Zimbabwe). Her qualifications include a BEng Chemical Engineering (University of Bradford, UK, 2016), MSc Chemical Engineering (Imperial College, UK, 2017), Asset Care Engineer at BASF (2017-2019) and Project Manager at PolyGen (Oct-Nov 2017).

In an interview with Women On Wheels (WOW) about her passion at motorsport Stephanie said, "I’ve always loved motorsport from a very young age. I used to watch it with my Dad and grandparents. I had cousins that would go karting, I saw them doing it, it was always something that I was really into. I grew up watching Formula, and was always, always wanting to watch it live, which I got the opportunity to do in university. Watching F1 live at Barcelona made it so much more real for me. After that I knew that I definitely wanted to get into F1 one day. At that point I had already started my degree in chemical engineering, knowing that it was a possible option to get into Formula 1, even though there were very few spaces in that degree.
The majority of F1 members study mechanical engineering or aerospace as the pathway into F1. I knew that I wanted to keep my chemistry going and mathematics, so I chose chemical engineering with the hope of getting into F1."

This year, Stephanie has proven beyond reasonable doubt that as long as you are passionate and dedicated towards something you are bound to achieve the desired outcome. 

Advising other women on  STEM career she said, "I would just say go for it! If it’s something that you are really passionate about, just apply yourself. Do the best you can in school, focus on those subjects that you’re interested in and don’t deter yourself away from them if you know that the end path is a career that’s mainly male dominated".

"In my class cohort which had only five females I didn't get deterred, I went on with good grades. I just managed to keep focused, I knew the end goal was something I was so passionate about. As long as you’re happy in what you’re doing that’s the main thing," she added.

Petronas is a global oil and gas company seeking to push the boundaries of innovation. They are title sponsor to the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport team, the team that is so well-oiled. They have won six consecutive F1 and Driver’s Championships. It takes the best of the best to win year after year, after year.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Canadian Black Women-led Media Group bags 2 Screen Awards.

TORONTO, ON – OYA Media Group's Mr. Jane and Finch documentary, which was directed, co-produced and co-written by Ngardy Conteh George and co-produced and co-written by Alison Duke, won two 2020 Canadian Screen Awards: the 'Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary and Best Writing in a Documentary. The Canadian Screen Awards are a celebration of Canadian visual storytelling and the people who bring these stories to life. The CSAs recognize and champion the authentic voices and universal themes that resonate in Canada and beyond.

Mr. Jane and Finch explores the life of long-standing community activist and amateur Documentarian, Winston LaRose who has dedicated the last 25 years to support the troubled community of Jane and Finch.  With gentrification high up on the political agenda, the man affectionately named Mr. Jane and Finch decided to challenge the traditional powers for the city councillor seat of ward 7. His run for public office, reveals how the deeply racial politics have plagued the area. Over-policing without accountability and a perennial lack of social services in the area has further marginalized Black and people of colour in the community. 

“When I was capturing Winston's story I had the opportunity to see what is happening in the lives of so many that live in the Jane and Finch community. Not everything made it into the film, it's not surprising that right now this film and the issues discussed are so timely. It was released last year, but when you watch it now it's impactful on a very visceral level.  Seeing people in the community working to make a positive change with very, very few resources and support was quite sad. They should be acknowledged for leading the change in their community and given the proper resources to make those changes. I am proud to have captured that moment in time of Canadian history and have the affirmation from peers in the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television,” Ngardy Conteh George. 

Mr. Jane and Finch has had much success on the festival circuit both in Canada and the United States, from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Toronto Black Film Festival, the BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelphia, and BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta. Educational institutions such as HBC (Historically Black College) Morehouse College in Atlanta and Humber College in Toronto have also screened the documentary.  Earlier this month Mr. Jane and Finch opened the Timehri Film Festival which showcases the best cinema created with protagonists from Guyana throughout the diaspora. Canada's leading educational distributor McIntyre Media has acquired the Canadian distribution rights for Mr. Jane and Finch to be made available for high school, university and college educators as well as libraries to use for their online learning regarding topics such as social justice, civil engagement, racism, gentrification and Pan-Africanism amongst other timely social issues. Mr. Jane and Finch also continues to stream on CBC Gem.

The Media Group, is a Black woman-led production company founded by Alison Duke and Ngardy Conteh George. Together they have over 40 years of experience producing documentaries. They formed their company after collaborating on several film projects and found a creative synergy in working together. Part of the OYA work involves a program to support Black youth. The program supports Black graduates of film and television degree and certificate programs by increasing their access to networking, mentorship and essential skills training. Many of the participants in the program were hired as production team in the creation on Mr. Jane and Finch and received their first television production credit.

Donald Brittain Awards are presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to honour the year's best television documentary on a social or political topic. Formerly presented as part of the Gemini Awards, since 2013 it has been presented as part of the Canadian Screen Awards. The award is named in honour of Donald Brittain, a pioneering Canadian documentary filmmaker.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Amapiano, "Shasha", first BET Awards nomination for Zimbabwe.

Amapiano, "Shasha", first BET Awards nomination for Zimbabwe.

Popularly known as the Amapiano Queen ShaSha, real name Charmaine Mapimbiro has broken new ground by becoming the first artist from Zimbabwe to be nominated for the prestigious BET Awards.

Shasha got her first nod not only as an artist, but for the country which has never received any award or nomination from the highly ranked Awards.

Born and bred in Mutare, Zimbabwe, Shasha, made her inroads from South Africa where she is now based and currently signed to DJ Maphorisa.

She gained momentum with her voice in a hit song Akulalekai by Samthing Soweto, Ngi Thanda Wena by Mlindo The Vocalist, and Scorpion King's song We Mama.

This year's BET is where Nigeria’s famous Burna Boy is up for Best International Act after losing the Grammys last year.

The 25 -year-old Amapiano singer is up for Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act together with Rema (Nigeria), Celeste (UK), Young T & Bugsey (UK), Hatik (France) and Stacy (France).

Sha Sha was nominated in the Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act together with Rema (Nigeria), Celeste (U.K.), Young T & Bugsey (U.K.), Hatik (France) and Stacy (France).

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, BET announced on May 20 that it would move forward with airing the BET Awards on June 28.

In their official statement the company stated in part that, “Using an array of innovative techniques and artist-generated content, the show will continue, allowing the audience to join in a celebration of black love, joy, pride and power with an all-star lineup.”

-Abel Mavura-

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Africa's youngest Minister, Namibian, 23 year old Emma Theofilus

Meet the 23 year old Namibia Deputy Minister for Information and technology. She’s  #Emma Theofilus , a fresh Law graduate, and currently the youngest minister in Africa.
The 23 year old Minister  holds an LLB Degree from the University of Namibia and a Diploma in African feminism and gender studies from the University of South Africa.
The Namibian President Hage Geingob says “ For once, l felt that there was need to do away with old features, just like anyone would wish  to do away with me in an electoral process.
l felt it was now time to  bring youthful creative energy into the decision making table, to think and reason with these young people.
And surprisingly the results are fantabulous. l see creativity and innovation.l see diligence and much more artistry. With these great results, l am now convinced that there are a million reasons to believe in this generation.
l am happy to have tried something new”.
We celebrate you Emma Theofilus

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Meet the 26 game changer Nathasia Mudiwa Muwanigwa.

Nathasia Mudiwa Muwanigwa, is a 26 years old Zimbabwean born Academia, Neurobiology PhD Researcher, Advocate for Africans in STEM, Science Communicator and a Global Citizen.
She is a Co-Founder and Director of Visibility STEM Africa, an initiative changing the narrative surrounding African contributions to STEM. As a result of her advocacy, she was profiled in Forbes Science.
Nathasia holds a Bachelors in Human Biology, summa cum laude, from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus), a Research Master’s in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease from Radboud University (Netherlands) and she is currently pursuing a PhD in neurobiology at the University of Luxembourg. Her research focuses on stem cell based modeling of Parkinson’s disease at the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine.
Adding to that she is an early career panelist for Neuro Central and serve on a board of directors at the Biotech Institute (Zimbabwe).

#success #NathasiaMudiwa